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South-west Surrey

Farnham diary

He has helped build technology businesses, survived dengue fever, translated Virgil's Aeneid from the original Latin, worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence at a venture capital firm, and explored the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Mustang. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central.

Appearing at Litquake on October To get perspective, cultivate connection. In my latest column for Harvard Business Review, I explore how isolation can blind us to the bigger picture and what a Renaissance master can teach us about the psychological perils of leadership: Education, career, and the "search" for meaning.

Don't expect higher education to give your life meaning. Instead, make meaning for yourself and use college, grad school, apprenticeships, jobs, books, YouTube, direct experimentation, or whatever works for you to learn, explore, and level up your skills and thinking.

Likewise, don't expect your job to give your life meaning. I'm not on a career path. I'm on an adventure where I never know what's around the next bend, which can be harrowing and exhilarating. The best jobs are the on. The America I believe in. I saw something beautiful on the streets of Oakland. People of every age and color fashioned benches out of plastic crates and wooden boards and transformed the empty sidewalk in front of an old industrial facility into a communal feast. That's the America I believe in.

In my latest column for Medium, I share what I learned from my oma about stories worth dying for: A brief anatomy of story. Every story is about getting lost in a dark forest and trying to find your way to the other side. Who you are character shapes what you do plot which defines the lessons you learn theme which changes who you are transformation at which point you stumble into sunlight. In my latest column for Scout's Incoming Transmission, I interview Omar El Akkad about the price of power, the psychology of extremism, and charting a new course for America: H1yxHqx77 I previously recommended El Akkad's critically-acclaimed debut novel, American War, in this edition of my reading recommendation newsletter.

Complement the interview with Cory Doctorow on the true meaning o. After two years in the works, my new novel Bandwidth is now available. Bandwidth is a science fiction thriller featuring hackers and spies grappling over the geopolitics of climate change, with a group of techno-utopian activists hijacking the global feed to manipulate world leaders. Fast-paced, lush, and philosophical, it will suck you in and stick with you long after you reach the end.

Brad Feld calls it "spectacular near-term science fiction" and Ramez Naam describes it as "an. My first novel came out four years ago and quickly grew into a trilogy. The series remains the 1 top-rate financial thriller on Amazon and wrestles with the challenges of entrepreneurship and the social implications of technology.

A few months back, I. The Mental Gymnastics of Space Travel. Read the interview right here. Meg shares many thought-provoking insights into the human experience of astronauts, the psychology of peak performance, and the cultural power of the final frontier.

Her novel, The Wanderers, is a deep, awe-inspiring, and thoughtful story about three astronauts preparing to go to Mars I featured it in my reading recommendation newslett.

My new novel, Bandwidth, is now available for preorder. Robot meets The Americans, with techno utopian activists hijacking the global feed to influence the psychology of world leaders. Bandwidth comes out May 1. I put my heart and soul into this book, synthesizing everything I've learned about the social implications of accelerating technologica.

There is no better gift than a good book. Books contain the distilled wisdom of humanity's greatest thinkers.

Books challenge us to expand our horizons and reevaluate our most deeply held assumptions. Books invite us to explore distant galaxies, face our fears, find meaning in our lives, unlock our imaginations, and slip inside someone else's skin.

When you give someone a book, you're offering them an entire world. Season Finale of Cumulus is Live on Bound. Two years ago, I received a cold email from a guy named Matt Hannus. Matt was a voracious reader and veteran of the gaming industry. He was starting a company called Bound to develop a new format for reading fiction on the internet. He asked whether I'd be open to seeing one of my novels adapted. Matt's project fascinated me. On the internet, we overwhelming read nonfiction: But we buy and read many more novels than nonfiction books.

We discuss the scientific, economic, and political implications of CRISPR and how science fiction can illuminate the social impacts of tech. Daniel shares details on how he goes about rigorously researching his novels to make them "science fiction for scientists. Three pieces of advice for building a writing career. Want to build a writing career? Do these three things. Many people say they want to be writers, but rarely actually write, finish, or publish anything.

If you want to be a writer, write. Write stories, articles, books, whatever you want. Fight through the fear of what other people might think. Write, finish, and publish your work to the world. Can you imagine someone saying they want to be a ro. Crooksbury Hill car park.

Use map ref to find carpark. Sat Nav will mislead you. View walk on Walks Finder. Sunday, 16th September , Bishop's Waltham,Hampshire. Sunday, 16th September Bishop's Waltham,Hampshire. Sunday, 16th September , Around Holybourne,Hampshire.

Sunday, 16th September Around Holybourne,Hampshire. Roadside parking opposite Suzuki garage. Map X [Google directions]. Waggoners Wells, Ludshott Common and Grayshott, two hills one up, one down!! X - Waggoners Wells CP. GU34 3JR [ metres S]. Wednesday, 19th September , Frensham Great Pond. Wednesday, 19th September Frensham Great Pond.

Thursday, 20th September , Watership Down in Hampshire. Thursday, 20th September Watership Down in Hampshire. Undulating walk around Watership Down and Ecchinswell. Stubbington Down Car Park. Thursday, 20th September , Frensham, Surrey. Thursday, 20th September Frensham, Surrey.

Frensham Great Pond Car Park. Explorer Map [Google directions].

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Peper Harow is a rural village and civil parish in south-west Surrey close to the town of was a noted early cricket venue. Its easternmost fields are in part given up to the A3 trunk road.

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Eliot Peper writes fast-paced, deeply-researched stories with diverse casts that explore the intersection of technology and society. He is the author of Bandwidth, Cumulus, True Blue, Neon Fever Dream, and The Uncommon Series and his books have been praised by the New York Times Book Review, the Verge, Popular Science, Businessweek, io9, . Whatever your interests, at Farnham Ramblers we offer a range of walks just for you. Our programme includes short and longer walks, daytimes and evenings, weekdays and weekends, all taking place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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