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How to Make a Paper Crossbow

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❶Attach the rubber band string. Here's a closer look at the paper.

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You want to roll the five sheets of paper with a pencil, then tape it together so it don't unroll. The next thing you will be doing is attaching your bow arms so you got to pinch down the one end of the main body tube. You have to do the same process with the other bow arm too, and tape it down really good because you don't want it to move.

You then need to grab some twine or really strong string and tie you around the end of the popsicle stick. With your ball of twine go about an inch and a half past the other popsicle stick and cut it and tie it around the other end of the popsicle stick. Do the same process and tape it down because you don't want it moving all around, it would just mess up your entire bow. We got to see how far down the twine will pull down so you pull it until it makes a square shape then mark it with a sharpie.

You got to make a hole for the trigger so take a sharp object or a box cutter and start cutting through the main body of the crossbow.

You have to make sure your trigger has room to go back and forth some so make sure the hole is wide enough. We're almost done with this bow all we need to do now is create our support rails for the pencil that we will be shooting out so we need one sheet of paper. Mount it onto your crossbow like in the pencil, make sure that the tube is wide enough for the pencil to travel through and when you go to test it, take the eraser off so it doesn't catch when shot.

Thank you for watching and if you go through this process and make a cool crossbow just make sure you don't shoot someone's eye out because that would be extremely FUNNY! Just kidding don't do that!

How to Make a Paper Crossbow. Supplies 10 Ten pieces of paper. Large - x px Large - x px Medium - x px Small - x px. Ten pieces of paper. A ball of twine or really strong string. Create four more of these tubes. Roll four separate sheets of printer paper into four separate tubes, working from long end. Again, you should secure the tubes by taping up the ends and open side, and make sure that the tube is as tight and evenly rolled as possible. Tape two tubes together.

The first two tubes must be taped together at a perpendicular angle. Line one tube up so that the top end meets the center of the second tube. Secure in place with tape. Work from both perpendicular corners, essentially creating an "x" shape with the tape. You might need a lot of tape to fix the two tubes together. Use as much as you need to ensure that the two tubes are firmly attached and not wiggling around, as this bond needs to be steady for your crossbow to hold together.

Cut a third tube in half. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a third paper tube in two even halves. If necessary, use more tape to prevent the newly cut ends from unrolling. Attach the two halves to the body of your crossbow. Place each half on either side of the "T" created by your crossbow body.

Each half should extend from the vertical tube to the horizontal tube at a diagonal. Tape it all together. The halves should be just above the center of the vertical tube and not quite at the end of the horizontal tube.

Try to keep both halves symmetrical when you attach them. Attach another tube to the vertical tube. Line up the end of a fourth tube so that it matches the bottom end of your vertical tube. Securely wrap it with tape to lengthen the body of your crossbow. Use duct tape or masking tape for a stronger hold. Otherwise, wrap normal tape around it multiple times to keep it steady and secure.

Cut your fifth tube in half. The two halves should be about even, but make sure that at least one half is long enough to extend from the top of your vertical tube down to the point at which the vertical tube meets with the two diagonal supports. Tape one half to the top of the vertical tube. Line one half up with the top of your vertical tube so that it extends from the top down to the diagonal supports.

Fix it securely to the vertical tube with masking tape or multiple layers of normal tape. This tube will help guide your ammo and make your shots more accurate. Tape the other half to the underside of your crossbow.

Flip your crossbow over to the bottom. Stand the remaining half on the vertical tube, in between the horizontal bar and the ends of the diagonal supports. And tape it in place securely. This half will act as a handle for your crossbow. If desired, trim it down to size so that the handle comfortably fits your grip. Roll another sheet of paper into another tube. Roll the sheet into a tight tube, working from long end to long end, and use clear tape to secure the ends and side of the tube.

This new tube will be used for the shoulder stock. Cut this tube in half. Use sharp scissors to cut the new paper tube in half. One half should be 1 to 2 inches 2. Attach the shorter half to the vertical part of the body. With the crossbow still facing upside down, stand the shorter half of your new tube up on the top of the vertical portion of the body, near the bottom.

Tape in place securely, making sure that it does not wiggle or move around. This half should be placed about 1 inch 2. Create yet another paper tube. Roll up another sheet of paper into a tight tube, working from long end to long end, and use clear tape to secure the ends and side of the tube.

This new tube will be used to give your shoulder stock more support. Place the new tube diagonally from the vertical shoulder stock post. Position one end of this new tube near the top of the upright post. Angle it downward so that it reaches the long body of the crossbow, meeting it at about the same place where the two halves of the long body come together. Note that the end of this new diagonal support will be about 1 inch 2. At this point, you should be able to stand the crossbow up on its handle and the shoulder stock, and it should remain standing without little to no support from you.

If this is not the case, identify the weak point of the crossbow and strengthen it with more tape. Attach the rubber band string. Stretch the rubber band string so that one end loops around one side of the horizontal bar and the other end loops around the other side of the same bar. It should be taut against the front of your paper crossbow. Use tape to secure the ends of the rubber band string in place. Attach a clothespin to the body of the crossbow. Tape a spring-action clothespin to the top of the long body of the crossbow.

It should be positioned just before the joining of the two body halves. Make sure that the clothespin is in the right place by pulling back the rubber band string. The band should be able to stretch back comfortably without bending your crossbow. Take it as far back as possible for this to be true, and make sure that the opening of your clothespin falls out at this spot.

Secure everything with more tape. To give your crossbow more support, consider wrapping the entire thing up with masking tape or duct tape. Insert a pencil into the guide tube on top of the crossbow body. The point should face outward, toward the front of the crossbow, and the back should stick out from the bottom of this tube, toward the back of the crossbow. Load the firing mechanism. Pull the rubber band string back and clip it in place using the clothespin.

The band should be behind the pencil projectile, but at the moment, it should be completely stilled and secured by the clothespin. Pull your ammo down.

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Mar 16,  · These are all the things you will need to make the cool paper crossbow: 11 sheets of printer paper Scissors Tape Strong string Pencil 4 Popsicle sticks Sharpie. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 2: Step 2. Fold 4 of the sheets of paper in half long ways and cut along the fold.

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This is how to make a paper crossbow. The materials that you would need to make this is a pencil, tape, box cutter, popsicle sticks, scissors, tape measure, a sharpie, very strong twine or string and like ten pieces of paper.

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Paper Crossbow. Season 4 • Episode 5. Adam and Jamie unleash a deadly myth from a supermax prison, attempting to make a deadly weapon out of newspaper and underwear. Grant, Kari and Tory unscrew the cap on some more vodka myths, such as removing cigarette smell from Mythbusters. Parker crossbows are made in the USA and come with a full lifetime warranty. Each crossbow is designed with the hunter in mind to include high-end features at an affordable price. Each crossbow is designed with the hunter in mind to include high-end features at an affordable price.

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Crossbows are excellent weapons for hunting deer, elk, rabbits, and other animals. The arrows or bolts used as ammunition can often be reused, unlike the bullets in hunting rifles. In addition, as opposed to a firearm, the crossbow is relatively silent. The step-by-step tutorial will show you how to use the printable templates and Silhouette files to make these pretty paper bows. The step-by-step tutorial will show you how to use the printable templates and Silhouette files to make these pretty paper bows. because everyone can be creative.