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Effective business management strategy Essay

With over 10, stores in Europe alone, Lidl needs to manage unique political examples affecting its business operations. One of the major political components influencing the business is natural assurance laws to compel companies to comply with all the government requirements. The second imperative component is UK government vitality advance programs for innovative work of retail products.

For this situation, numerous retail companies have been able to greatly undergo structural changes in order to fit in the government policies. In addition Lild uses economic internal and external factors. Financial elements incorporate monetary development in the option vitality commercial enterprises and increment in the expense of utilizing the automobiles fundamentally because of the ascent in fuel costs in the brief time. In this manner, the interest for more-proficient automobiles is higher than in the recent past.

The company also has a stable financial system that enables it to communicate effectively and favorably. Moreover, Social components are identified with expansion natural concerns, mentality and stress on items, which are eco-friendly.

The company has also considered a number of cultural elements that help in achievement of competitive advantage and in promotion of customer interests.

For instance, the company stocks various items used by almost all the religions in Europe. With the rise in technology, Lidl has tried to improve its customer service platform to ensure that the new technological aspects are included in order to avoid any delays. In addition, the company has allowed customers to make purchases using credit cards and checks in order to make purchases easier and faster.

Besides, in order to beat competitors and gain competitive advantage against other competitors in the retail industry. Currently, numerous retail stores have confronted the aggressive weight to produce eco-accommodating products. Lidl has also ensured that it initiates various environmentally friendly aspects such as the use of the modernized ways of handling waste disposal such as recycling.

Additionally, numerous regulations emanate from governments presenting vitality credit projects and putting weight on creation eco-accommodating products, for example, licensing companies to join the new techniques for green business and working towards reducing the effects of wastes from vehicles on the environment Sillince, Porters Fiver Competitive forces are some of the most essential tools that Lidl has to use in ensuring that it achieves competitive advantage in the retail sector.

The company needs to identify some of the most desirable strategies and use them towards achieving the best part of the market share. The first force is Threat of new entrants. Currently, the retail industry has the highest risk from the threat of new entrants. Having entered the industry in s, Lidl also faced the difficulties of being a new entrant in a market that needed high capital and had increased problems that rose from building a brand name to indifferent distributors.

However, Lidl managed to pass through this and is still on the verge to become the highest market holder in the industry. The general bargaining power vested on the buyers is uncertain and Lidl had to rely on their closeness with advertisers in order to please the buyers. These advertisers are some of the buyers of Lidl hence making it achieve competitive advantage in the market. Besides, the threat of substitution is relatively low since very few firms produce can match the market covered by Lidl.

This has given Lidl an upper hand in the retail business hence increasing the advantage over other companies. In addition, in its bid to enter the US market, Lidl has to counteract the benefits that Wal-Mart has given to the consumers. However, its ability to buy products in bulk has helped increase its bargaining power among the suppliers thereby giving it a higher competitive advantage Clegg Et.

Realising the current situation of the organisation, for Coca Cola Company to accelerate on the path of growth there are various strategies to adopt some which are described below; Pricing: For a firm it is important to analyze that the price should be fair, it should cover the cost and also keep a comparison with the competitors. With the help of an effective advertisement strategy the company is able to grow sales revenues and better promote its products features in the market.

The revent advertisements like style caster, zamzie video that got viral and the polar bear add. Customer relationship management CRM: STP Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy: Raja et al, As we know that COCA cola company within the UK market faced a downfall in fizzy drinks as people are becoming more health conscious and likes to drink more other forms of water, now for COCA cola company to increase its value of drinking water in the near future it is important to adopt certain strategies, as a consultant I would suggest the MCkinsey growth pyramid;.

For the attainment of the future growth MCkinsey growth strategy is an effective approach, according to this strategy there are four basic parameters these are: As the operational goals of coca cola is to find new customers, attain new ones and to bring a discounted accounts, now in order to achieve all this the company can use operational skills as said in the mckinsey strategy which will attain higher profits and future growth.

Another step is recognizing the privileged assets of the organisation with coca cola the privileged assets are its brand, patent and distribution network. Within the management the growth skills are required to lead growth with the help of new product development, expanding into new region and increasing acquisitions. Increasing level of relationship with the government and social authorities help to easily attain the goals. As the strategic goal of Coca cola company is to be globally known for its products and services and attain future growth, as a consultant manager the team I appoint are: Within the team the marketing manager is responsible for the pricing, positioning, advertising and STP strategies to achieve the substantial or limited growth.

In the UK the coca cola company marketing director is shelly Macintyre. The main responsibility of a planning technician is to gather data and convert it into information while planning, as Coca Cola Company is using techniques like BCG matrix, directional policies matrices, SPACE and PIMS strategy which will be evaluated by the technician. The audit manager is external and internal the internal is responsible for comparing the audits with the annual audits plan, the person responsible for environmental audit is the environmental auditor manager whose main responsibilities is to coordinate the management activities with an effect on the environment.

Richard Davieas is the operational manager at the Coca cola London Headquarters, and is responsible for the data entry, managing organisation HR, payroll and helping in creating budget. For the implementation of the plan and strategies there a number of resources required to full fill the needs and the requirements.

These resources can be physical, financial, and human and time resource. In the financial resources the company would be able recover all the costs for the redevelopment of the products, as coca cola aim is to increase the production for the non — fizzy drinks and water. The financial resources can be both internal external and internal, the main sources for the company would be; bank, shareholders, company capital and investors.

As long as the human resources is concerned the company employees highly skilled and knowledgeable employees, in the company was awarded for the best place to work. The company provides excellent employees development with training and rewards. For the physical resources the company is covering around countries and manufacturing brands of products. The main target and goal of the coca cola company is to:. By the end of September the company plans to start focusing on increasing the sales which will after the release of the financial statement for the year For the customer satisfaction the operational managers will employ to collect information regarding each customer, which would be possible through the help of the distributors, which then will review its process by the end of March We also were able to learn how to manage monitor and use certain skills and techniques like auditing, planning techniques.

We also analyze the importance of environment and stakeholders towards the organisation and its management activities. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Business strategy specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Company background The multinational American beverages and food manufacturing company COCA cola was founded in by ASA griggs, actually formulated by john in , the company manufactures to over countries and operate under brands.

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Introduction Business planning is integral part of every firm and company that like to exceed in the growth and to achieve its targets in the future. The Business strategies is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Business strategies is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.