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❶Transfer Assistance Our options for transfer students For students looking to transfer schools, select from our Elite or Premier services.

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After the completion of my program I felt secure and happy about my application and the process I went through to achieve it.

As an international applicant, I did not know too much about applying to top-tier U. Through countless edits, [my counselor] helped fine-tune my essays so that they were ready for the admissions officers. I definitely realize that I had many weaknesses working against me throughout the application process, and that deferral or rejection from a hyper-selective school such as University of Pennsylvania was more than likely.

However, I have no doubt that having [my IvyWise counselor] gave me a competitive edge in the admissions process. I would recommend any student looking for admission to a highly selective college to strongly consider working with IvyWise. Their professional service, endless expertise, and dedicated staff made my application process seamless, and their unique IvyWise Roundtable ensured I got multiple opinions from various former Ivy League admissions officers.

Sign in to Your Account Done. Don't have an Account? Get the International Student Newsletter! In most cases, this means they are temporary "external readers" hired for application season.

That is, during every admissions reading period from December to February, most large universities hire temporary readers to help sort the great pile of applications. Much of the consultants' "inside knowledge" of the selection process is publicly available as well. What are your child's needs, strengths and hopes? Does your child have an idea where he or she would be comfortable in higher education and what learning environment will be best?

It may even be -- surprise -- you, the parent or a family member. Professional guidance neither guarantees success nor is always warranted. In this case, pick a consultant with organizational affiliations, accreditation, good recommendations and clear explanations of their services and associated costs. Their assistance in application writing remains confined to stylistic, organizational suggestions, never to writing anything for the student.

Most importantly, they encourage your child to write in his or her own voice -- not according to some imaginary formula for acceptance. A number of highly critical articles, studies and books have responded to the private admissions consultant industry. One article even decries a " New Snake-Oil Industry ," which it claims is "increasingly propelled by greed, it preys on the fear of families, especially parents.

It's the private, for-profit college admissions consulting industry. He also doubts the self-marketing approach of one admissions consultant, especially for his shy child. Rynearson , president of Higher Education Consultants Association, takes on some popular perceptions of her profession:. While a few outliers may employ such tactics, the vast majority work hard to alleviate stress by providing accurate information and guidance. Working with some students as early as 10th grade, consultants, like those at IvyWise, help students build their portfolios and identities in the "soft factors" like interests and activities, in efforts to aid the admissions process.

Parents I've spoken with have differing views on the necessity of a private admissions consultant. After much research on the web and discussion with his son, he narrowed down the Division II schools with track programs for a mathematically inclined, artistic student, who wants to avoid urban schools and stay on the west coast.

He and his son are in the process of applying to 11 selected institutions of higher education. Decision counseling In the event that you're waitlisted or that you receive multiple acceptances to the schools you applied to using the package, we guide you once again.

Pay in six convenient monthly installments If you are interested in purchasing this package for your child, you can pay the amounts indicated below monthly for six months. Notes About The Package: I want to speak to a consultant before I buy! Don't Need Comprehensive Help? Boring But Important Stuff. All rates are expressed and billed in U. Services are subject to availability.

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College Admissions Assistance (CAA) differs from other educational service providers because we have worked with tens of thousands of students and thousands of colleges to create a proven approach that combines the use of technology and personal coaching from our expert staff.

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27 reviews of College Admissions Assistance "I enrolled my son at the workshop in his junior year of high school. The tutors and coaches worked with him to bring his GPA up and also prepare for ACT exam. I absolutely love it!! He has achieved his /5(26).

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College Coach offers a variety of services — from comprehensive assistance to targeted support — to best fit your family’s needs. Our one-on-one college admissions counseling means that you work with a dedicated expert, a former senior admissions officer from a highly selective school, to personalize your experience and address your individual goals. Our experienced college admissions counselors know what it takes to get into the country’s most competitive universities and maximize your financial aid.

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International Student can help you to find the new, used, or rental College Textbooks you need. College Admissions Assistance for International Students. If you would like help getting into a US college as an international student see how IvyWise can guide you through the process. If you have started the college admissions process early ( months prior to your planned college matriculation, usually in the 10th or 11th grade) and need assistance with multiple parts of the process, then this is the service for you.